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The Windmill Arts Center is an 80-seat blackbox theater and a 1,000 square foot whitebox rehearsal/performance space located in the heart of downtown East Point (Atlanta), GA. The facilities will also be available to rent at competitive prices.

The Windmill Arts Center will put particular emphasis on cultivating the artistic community of East Point. The thriving culture of East Point deserves a voice, and through community scholarships, opportunities, and programming, Windmill will make that voice heard. We’re not bringing art to the city of East Point -- we’re giving East Point and Atlanta artists a place to thrive.

The Whitebox is perfect for:

  • Day and night classes -- yoga, pure barre, karate, dance, pole fitness

  • Readings

  • Small art exhibitions

  • Community and organization meetings

  • Small corporate events


The Blackbox is a state-of-the-art theater, designed by working professionals:

  • 80-seat house, flexible seating: proscenium, thrust, tennis court, round

  • Professional-grade lighting grid and instruments

  • Immersive, high-quality sound system

  • Streamlined technology that makes running your show a one-button experience

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